Jensen Ackles, also known as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, is your stock hero who is a powerful superheroic man transformed to thwart the evil forces.

Personality Edit

Jensen is good to a fault. He is excessively chivalrous, flirtatious, polite, motivated, cheerful, civically minded and brave to a fault. He's kind, compassionate, and a chivalrous pretty boy lady-killer. He will fight to the bitter end to foil the plans of his evil counterpart and his Gelnewts. Jensen is a trained, superheroic man. He uses flirting as his weapon.

Jensen endures brutal physical hand-to-hand combat and rigid discipline, and his training combined with his enhanced physique makes him nearly unstoppable when facing monsters, though he is by no means invincible.

Charming, handsome, talented, and very chivalrous: Jensen knows that he is all these things and as he would gladly tell you, he is so much more. He prides himself on his ability to make anyone weak in the knees, and it's this effortless charm that has enabled him to be such a favorite of the women.

Still, Jensen is easy to get along with and can make conversation with almost anyone. He's not difficult to please, easily entertained, and very flirtatious. Jensen, himself, would admit that he is flighty and shallow, though anyone who takes the time to know him beyond a surface level would discover that there is more depth there than he cares to let on.

Jensen is very skilled and lethal enough in battle and sparring when it comes to fighting Destructoids and Android Henchmen.

Despite slurs being called to women, it’s worth noting that Jensen almost never uses words to describe women. It's no surprise that Jensen does quite well for himself with the ladies. Jensen is known to be a highly sexual and promiscuous person.

Jensen adores all women and children, and harming them is a very good way to send him into a murderous rage.

It should also be noted that while Jensen gets along fine with most people, when he cares about women, he cares deeply. He is willing to put women ahead of himself and will risk his own well-being to protect any woman. For all his womanizing, Jensen appears to respect all women.

Jensen is extremely popular with the ladies. He is not only very good looking but is also extremely attractive to women. He harbors a love for women, however, Jensen has allowed himself to view sex as casual and generally unimportant. Though he is primarily attracted to women, certain men will appeal to him as well.

Physical Appearance Edit

Human Form: Jensen is a very good-looking Caucasian-American man. His build is slim yet muscular. Jensen has classic "feminine" pretty boy features. Jensen has large green eyes, long lashes, light freckles, full lips and brown hair.

Wouldn't Hit A Woman Edit

In most cases for Jensen, if a female is a villain, he would not fight them (if she were defenseless) and never did.

Fighting Skills Edit

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Master Martial Artist and Fighter: As a Kamen Rider, Jensen has received the most extensive training in fighting and martial arts. He is capable of defeating many enemies at once and easily incapaticating men greatly larger than Jensen through wristlocks, punches, and martial arts kicks. This is how he easily beat up all of his enemies.

Extremely Agile: Jensen is exceptionally agile and is capable of moving his body with ease no matter what the situation is. He can easily do front flips, back flips, and jump long distances.

Master of Stealth and Sneaking: Jensen is a master at stealth and can easily sneak around enemy territory without being seen or detected.


  • Advent Deck
  • Drag Visor
  • Drag Saber
  • Drag Shield


  • Dragon Cycle

Episodes Edit

Ep 1: At the police station, Jensen sees his dad in a reflection (or so he thinks). His dad tells Jensen to go home, search for the Dragon, and remember the Contract Card.

Jensen looks at the "SEAL" Advent Card then hears who he thinks is his dad telling him again to search for the Dragon (the red dragon has been following Jensen all day). So Jensen goes out onto the balcony to see if he's there, but then he sees something strange happening with the building across from him - the glass is moving like liquid. Then as he's holding the Advent Deck, it begins to energize. The red dragon surges out through the glass toward him. Jensen quickly puts up his arms, crossing his face while holding the Advent Deck, and an energy field is formed. The dragon tries breaking through then returns to where he came. Jensen's senses are then altered.

Outside, Jensen sees a giant spider in a reflection. The spider pulls someone in, but no one else notices. While walking down the street, Jensen sees some red creatures going after Maya (a paranormal investigator for WayAboveTopSecret. com). Jensen goes to save her, he tells them to get away from her, but she can't see the creatures. Jensen tries his best to fight them off. One of the creatures takes Maya into a mirror which alters her sight, allowing her to see them. Len saves Maya and quickly defeats the creatures. Len wants the Advent Deck Kit found and tries searching his pockets. He pulls out Kit's wallet and throws it. Kit tells him to back off, then takes off running, so Len starts walking after him. Maya is taking pictures, so Len takes her camera, drops it, then smashes it with his foot. After Len leaves, Maya finds Kit's wallet with his Driver License ID card.

Kit sees the giant spider again. The Spider tries to attack Kit, but Kit falls backward into the reflections of a car and finds himself flying through a dimensional portal. The Advent Deck transforms him into a Blank Kamen Rider. Kit Taylor, now a Kamen Rider Knight, finds himself in another world. Len transforms to Wing Knight and goes in after him. Wing Knight destroys the spider.

The Red Dragon returns. Kit (Blank Knight) hears his father's voice, telling him not to be afraid of the Dragon. The two Knights run for their lives as the Dragon attacks from above with bursts of fireballs.

Ep 2: With the Dragon after them, Wing Knight and Blank Knight escape back to Earth through the same reflections (portals) they came out of, but they get separated.

At Grace's Books, Maya finds out that Kit lives just down the street. Trent says he knows Kit, from Commerce High, and tells Maya that he is a thief and that he took his little brother's MP3 Player. Trent tells Maya to stay away from this dude, he's been in a lot of trouble since his dad disappeared. Xaviax regenerates the spider creature. The Spider forms an upper body, with two arms.

Len finds Kit and wants the Advent Deck. Kit asks him about the Contract Card and the Dragon. Len tells him if he Contracts with that Dragon, he will be Vented. They hear a strange noise. Len explains that a portal is opening, and that someone is in trouble. Len goes to save the person and tells Kit to follow. The spider monster webs a Electrician and tries pulling him in, but Len and Kit save him. Len transforms to Wing Knight and goes in after the spider monster. Kit tries to transform like Len did, but it doesn't work. Kit then has another vision of his dad, reminding him about the Contract Card. On the rooftop, Kit holds out the Card, then Contracts with the Dragon and becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight saves Wing Knight and destroys the monster. A sphere appears from the defeated monster, and the Dragon absorbs it. Wing Knight is angry at Kit for contracting with the Dragon.

On his way up to his dad's apartment, Kit finds Maya there waiting for him on the stairs. Maya gives Kit his wallet and follows him up. Kit explains that there is a duplicate of their world just beyond a mirror, or a reflective surface. The Advent Decks are the boarding pass. Maya explains that she writes for a paranormal investigative blog called WayAboveTopSecret. com and that she thinks his father's disappearance is connected to something they've been looking into. Maya wants to show him, so they head on out.

Walking down the street, both Kit and Maya hear the strange noise. They find a window, but her friend Lacey is coming. Kit transforms to Dragon Knight and enters the portal. Dragon Knight rides through the portal to the other side on his own Ride Shooter. Some of Xaviax's red minions, and a Beast, are taken a civilian. Dragon Knight tries to save the person, but the Beast gets in his way, and the minions escape with the civilian. Maya can see the battle in the reflection, but Lacey can not. Maya and Lacey leave. Dragon Knight is in trouble against the Beast. Another Rider shows up in a Ride Shooter - Kamen Rider Incisor. But Incisor starts attacking Dragon Knight.

Ep 3: Kit escapes back to Earth and visits Maya at Grace's Books. Maya takes him in the back to show him information she just received from JTC and explains that she thinks his father was taken by the Mirror Monsters. Kit explains that all this time he thought that his dad needed some time away.

Incisor challenges Kit to a fight. Kit transforms to Dragon Knight and goes in a reflection after him. Dragon Knight is loosing, but Wing Knight shows up and helps. With two Riders against one, Incisor retreats. Wing Knight explains that he wanted to keep Kit out of this, but he's in it now and will need to learn how to fight. Wing Knight gives Dragon Knight a training lesson.

Ep4: Len explains to Kit about the Kamen Riders. The Kamen Riders are the Protectors of Ventara, the world behind the mirrors, Len's home world. The Advent Decks were stolen from the Ventara Kamen Riders and they were given to people on Earth. He then explains there are 12 Kamen Rider, and the other Riders are after Kit because they think Kit is working with him.

Wing Knight and Dragon Knight work together to destroy another monster. Incisor is defeated by Wing Knight. Volcancer and Incisor disintegrate. Seeing this, Kit is shocked. Len explains to Kit that he's been Vented, trapped in the Advent Void, the dimension between their worlds. It's what happens when a Kamen Rider has been defeated, and they can never return.

Back home, Kit puts his Advent Deck away in a drawer and is done with being a Kamen Rider. But he senses another portal, and his Advent Deck begins glowing. He can't resist fighting again, he takes out his Advent Deck and leaves.

Ep5: Kit tells Len he doesn't want to be a Kamen Rider anymore, he doesn't want to be Vented and doesn't want to Vent anyone, but Len explains that it's too late now to give the Deck back because now that he's linked with his Advent Beast he's linked for good, unless he's Vented, which is why he tried stoping him from contracting with that Dragon.

Len explains to Kit that General Xaviax stole Ventara and the Kamen Riders were formed in order to defeat him. They defeated him once, but one of the Riders betrayed them, he stole their Advent Decks while they were in suspended animation. Xaviax Vented everyone except for Len. Xaviax is coming for Earth next, he's taken the Advent Decks and giving them to men like Incisor. Kit decides to help Len defeat the other Kamen Riders.

Ep6: Len explains that it was the original Dragon Knight who betrayed them.

Maya and Trent find Kit's dad in a hospital.

Ep7: Maya takes Kit to his dad in the hospital. But Kit's dad doesn't respond. Drew explains that Xaviax drained him and the others of their life energy. Detective Grimes explains to Kit that his father is in stable condition and is in no immediate danger, though they have no idea what happened to him, all they know is they found him and the others wandering the streets. Detective Grimes then explains that he got Kit special permission to visit his father, but they can't tell anyone about this.

Ep10: Visiting his dad at the hospital, Kit wonders who really gave him the Deck, his dad or Xaviax.

Ep18: Kit explains that he was kind of a troublemaker growing up, and his dad would back him up to help him get out of trouble.

Len offers Kit the job of replacing the original Dragon Knight. Kit tells him it would be an honor. But Len explains that the Kamen Riders lie in suspended animation until they are needed, and that they only wake up once every 12 years, which means leaving Earth and everyone behind, including his father. Kit then tells him that he's going to need some time to think about it. Len tells him to take all the time he needs.

Kit returns to the hospital to see his dad, but when he gets their, he finds that his father is gone. He finds a snake medallion on the bed and realizes that his dad was taken by Strike.

Ep21: Kit and Maya find and rescue Frank. Dragon Knight Vents Spear.

Ep23: Kit informs Kase that Len offered him Adam's spot as Dragon Knight.

Ep24: In his apartment, Kit wakes up to knocking at his door. He opens the door, and It's Michelle Walsh. Michelle introduces herself and tells Kit that she's Maya's friend, and reveals that she knows his name is Kit Taylor, and that he is Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Kit asks her how she heard that name. Michelle tells him there are some people she knows who want to talk to him, important people in Washington, who want to know about Ventara and Xaviax. But Kit doesn't trust them, so he grabs his stuff and leaves the apartment. So Michelle makes a call and informs her team that Phase One is negative, and tells them to move on to Phase Two as Kit is heading for the bookstore.

Kit returns to the Hospital to see his dad. He sees someone looking over his father, it's Xaviax. Xaviax cures Frank, and Frank begins waking up. Kit realizes that all this time it was really Xaviax who was talking to him and not his father, giving him advice, and it was Xaviax who told him to find the Deck and merge with the Dragon. Xaviax steps out while Kit talks with Frank. Frank doesn't know what happened, nor knew he was even in the Hospital. Frank explains, when he was shaving in a cabin, he saw something in the Mirror. Kit asks Frank something, but before Frank can answer, Frank returns to the same state he was in before. Xaviax tells Kit that he's the only one who can bring him back, and all he has to do is Vent Wing Knight.

Ep25: Kit goes by Gramercy Park and remembers something his dad told him - "...The end never justifies the means."

Back at his apartment, Kit explains to Len and Kase that Xaviax has been speaking to him as his father, giving him bad advice, trying to turn him against Len, and that Xaviax came out into the open and offered to cure his father if he Vented Wing Knight, and Xaviax brought his dad back for like a minute just to show he can do it. But Kit then explains that he remembered something his dad said, and if he saved him that way, he would never be able to look at him in the face again. Kit tells them that he's ready to go after Xaviax, he's ready to be a Kamen Rider.

Xaviax tells JTC that Dragon Knight is now fair game.

Ep26: Kase apologizes to Kit for being "a little" tough on him. Kit says not to worry about it, and goes to visit his dad. Visiting his dad, Kit is captured and taken away by Agents. The Agents place Kit in a holding cell in the government building.

Ep28: Michelle Walsh interrogates Kit. Michelle places Kit's Advent Deck on the table and asks him how it works. Kit asks for a glass of water. Michelle has one of the agents bring Taylor some water in a paper cup. Kit spills the water on the floor, making it look like an accident, tips the table over, grabs his Advent Deck and escapes through the reflection of the water.

Ep30: Kase pulls out two Survive Cards from her Deck and gives them to Kit and Len and explains that they were the last thing she grabbed when Xaviax destroyed the Kamen Rider Base, she tried to grab them all but there was no time.

Ep31: Dragon Knight uses Survive Mode. Dragon Knight is Vented by Wrath.

Ep32: Adam is with his girlfriend, Sara, on a Merry-Go-Round. They lean over to kiss, but then, his girlfriend faints, and Adam sees Xaviax.

Xaviax swore to Adam he would never see him again, but Xaviax explains he needs his help to Vent Wing Knight, and all his Riders are gone. But Adam tells him "no", Xaviax tricked him before, and he would never hurt Len intentionally. So Xaviax asks if he would rather hurt Sara instead. Xaviax stops the world simulation processand asks if he would rather that she woke up and found that she wasn't really in Ventara anymore and that he were the one that made that happen. Adam tells him to bring it back, she can't know. Xaviax brings the world back and hands Adam the Dragon Knight Advent Deck. Xaviax leaves, but explains he brought him a little something to help get him back into fighting trim - a monster takes off with Sara. So Adam transforms into Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight uses Final Vent to destroy the monster. Adam brings Sara back onto the Merry-Go-Round. Sara wakes up and realizes she must of fainted and asks if everything is okay. Adam tells her that everything is fine.

Xaviax and Adam realize that Eubulon has returned. So Xaviax changes his plans and tells Adam that he's no longer Venting Wing Knight, but is befriending him and the girl to know what they're planning. Dragon Knight reveals to Wing Knight that he's Adam, not Kit.

Ep33: Dragon Knight(Adam) tries explaining to Wing Knight that Xaviax tricked him, he didn't know it was Xaviax, and says he stole the Advent Deck from Xaviax. But Wing Knight doesn't believe a word he says.

Adam was the youngest out of all of them, he's a good soldier, but wasn't ready to make it his life.

Dragon Knight tries to explain himself to Axe(Hunt), but Axe doesn't listen.

Advent Master locates Kase and Kit in the Advent Void.

Ep34: Kit and Kase return from the Advent Void. Master Eubulon holds out the Onyx Deck for Kit to take. But Kit explains that he dreamed that he Vented Len and Kase with that. Master Eubulon explains that they were only nightmares. Kase tells Kit to take the Deck. Kit takes the Deck and transforms into Kamen Rider Onyx.

All the Riders have nightmares, it's the rage of the Advent Beast trying to impose it's will on him, you Contract with it, the Beast is tamed, nightmares will go away.

At base, Eubulon sees that Siren(Maya) is in trouble. Kit heads on out and tells Len to stay with Kase. Eubulon explains to Kit that the Void Key has stopped working and will have to repair it before he can bring the others back.

Dragon Knight(Adam) shows up to help Siren fight the Larva Minions. The Larva Minions are destroyed. Siren tells the Traitor to get away from her, and that she doesn't need his help. The two de-transform. Adam tries explains himself to Maya, but she doesn't want to hear it. Adam explains that they don't know the whole truth. Kit arrives and tells Adam to get away from her. Adam tries explaining that he was tricked by Xaviax. Adam and Kit transform and fight. Eubulon senses what's going on and leaves. Onyx takes Dragon Knight down. Advent Master arrives and tells Onyx that's enough. But Onyx pulls out Final Vent. Master Eubulon asks if he's going to make his nightmares a reality. Onyx inserts the Advent Card back into the Deck and de-transforms. Master Eubulon explains that judging without knowing the facts is foolish, as is getting angry at the truth. Master Eubulon asks Dragon Knight(Adam) if he truly wishes to return to the Riders. Dragon Knight says he does, so Master Eubulon says they will discuss it with the other Riders.

Eubulon, Kit and Maya return to base with Adam. Len and the others aren't happy to see Adam, but Eubulon orders them to hear him out. But Len wants nothing to do with him and takes off.

Ep35: Eubulon chases after Len and convinces him to return and listen to what Adam has to say.

Adam explains his side of the story. He fell in love with Sara. It was his last tour of duty -- Fielding Monster attacks and watching over the other Kamen Riders, his time was up, he had to return for another 12 years of hibernation. When Master Eubulon disappeared, there was no way to unlink from the Advent Decks, no way to ignore the attacks, he'd lose Sara forever. But on his last day, he was approached by Paragon(Xaviax). Paragon introduced himself as a friend of Eubulon's from the same planet, Karsh, and said he too is a Refugee from Xaviax's war. Paragon told him that he was a colleague of Eubulon's and came from Karsh to help Ventara. It never occurred to him that Paragon could be Xaviax. Paragon told him he could unlink them from the Advent Decks and they could lead normal lives again, they could retire and recruit new Riders, and he could be with Sara. He let Paragon into the base and took the Decks cause he thought they all wanted to be unlinked too, they all had talked about it after the war. But then Paragon transformed and there was no way to stop him. He's been Xaviax's prisoner ever since. Adam then tells them that the only way he could escape him was because they were distracting him on Earth.

Trent locates two transmitters. Eubulon gives the orders for Len, Chance and Adam to go after the North America transmitter.

Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and Torque are attacked by a Monster. Dragon Knight tells Wing Knight to give him the Mini Drive to download the virus into the transmitter while they take care of the Monster. Wing Knight gives him the Drive. Dragon Knight locates the transmitter, but Xaviax appears, takes the Drive and temporarily shuts down the transmitter to make it look like that he inserted the virus. Xaviax then creates a Monster for Dragon Knight to attack to make it more convincing. Wing Knight and Torque destroy the Monsters. Wing Knight calls in, Trent reports that the transmitter has been disabled, and Adam begins to win back their trust.

Kit tells Kase that he still doesn't trust Adam and explains it feels like he's not telling the entire truth.

Xaviax begins to decode the virus.

Ep36: Kit tells Adam about what his father told him - "The end never justifies the means."

Xaviax sees that Adam is having second thoughts, so Xaviax disguises himself as Eubulon. Eubulon(Xaviax) confronts Adam about how spineless he is, giving up Ventara for a girl, and that it has always been "Adam first" and "Ventara second." Eubulon transforms and attacks Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight(Adam) believes this to be the "real" Eubulon - just pretends to be the kindly wise man and is no better than Xaviax. Eubulon tells Dragon Knight that he's not spoiling him with special treatment anymore.

congratulating each other on a job well done, Adam walks in and feels they are all against him and laughing at him.

Ep37: Len and Adam head for the Australian transmitter. Xaviax tells Dragon Knight to let Wing Knight shutdown the transmitter before Venting him. Wing Knight inserts the mini drive virus into the final transmitter. Dragon Knight then attacks Wing Knight.

Dragon Knight says that they can't beat Xaviax, they have to make the best of losing, and explains that Eubulon is worse than Xaviax, Xaviax gives you a far deal. Wing Knight explains, only until Xaviax doesn't need you anymore. Dragon Knight tells him that he has no idea what he's talking about and explains that Xaviax kept his promise to him, and Eubulon attacked him and called him spineless. Dragon Knight says he only has one good thing left in his life, and isn't going to let them take her(Sara) from him.

Dragon Knight has Wing Knight down. Wing Knight tells Dragon Knight he doesn't know who this girl is, but if she's worth the whole world and all of his friends, then don't let him stop him. Wing Knight asks what he's waiting for, and tells Dragon Knight to attack him. But Dragon Knight can't do it, he drops his Sword and de-transforms. Adam drops to his knees.

Kit and Kase join Len. Adam says to himself, "Sorry Sara, I tried!" Adam tells them to Vent him, he soled out Earth and Ventara and has no reason to live. Len tells him that his greatest punishment would be to see them win, and to know what a coward he really is. And Kit says that they have already shutdown all the transmitters. But Adam explains that they're not shutdown, none of them, and explains that he gave Xaviax the virus, and Xaviax decoded it and is going to reactivate all of the transmitters with an antivirus, and all they have done, for nothing. Kase reports in. Len orders Adam to give him his Advent Deck. Adam hands over the Deck. The three head back to base with Adam for the Advent Master to decide his fate.

Trent reports that all of the transmitters have been reactivated.

Ep38: Adam explains to the Riders that Eubulon attacked him. Eubulon explains that he didn't. They realize that it was Xaviax in disguise. Eubulon explains that they can't afford to punish him right now, they need every Rider to defeat Xaviax. Adam joins them to help stop Xaviax.

Ep39: Adam tells Sara everything and what he has done.

Ep40: Adam told Eubulon that he didn't want to be a Kamen Rider anymore. Adam and Sara are working together. Kit decided to be a Kamen Rider for good and is now officially a part of the family as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Eubulon cured Kit's dad.